Archiving document

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Archiving document 

We are aware that not everyone likes to deal with archiving documents and the associated need to occupy office space by storing them. According to Art. 86 § 1 of the Tax Code, invoices must be kept for five years from the end of the tax year in which the tax is due. To meet these challenges, we offer you services such as:

- Archiving documents (assessment and classification of documents and stored computer records, the preparation of binders, and separation of documents for which the period of compulsory storage has elapsed in accordance with tax law
- Storage of documents.
- Destroying documents.

Storage of accounting documents (invoices) – PLN 7,60 net per binder per year
Destruction of documents – PLN 3.10 net per binder.
Price list for services (fees are charged in advance for a period of six years, and one-off payments should be made):




 Administration fee

PLN 25.00 - one-time fee for a batch of documents, taken not more often than once per calendar year.

 Providing archive boxes for documents

 PLN 11.00 

 Describing contents of archive boxes

 PLN 2.00 

 Transfer to a warehouse

 PLN 2.00 

 Registering archives in the computer system

 PLN 10.00 


 Archiving (creating, securing and classifying the set of documents)

 Free of charge


 Storage of accounting records or payroll

PLN 9,80 per binder per year

 Sharing stored documents*

 PLN 7.00 

 Searching for documents in archive

 PLN 7.00 

 Sending a document image electronically

 PLN 0.20 per A4 page

 Sending a document by fax

 PLN 2.00 per A4 page

 Photocopying a document

 PLN 0.50 per A4 page


 Storing personnel files

 PLN 310.00 per carton per 10 years (archival box with dimensions of 26/34/44cm)


 Destroying documents

 PLN 5,10 per  binder

 The prices do not include VAT 23%
 * We will not charge you for separating documents from the archive for the purposes of a tax audit.



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