The history of the Skłodowscy Tax Consulting Company began in 1993, when the company Buchalter Skłodowscy was founded as a family civil law partnership employing only a few people. The first years of activity were a time of establishing a position on the local tax consulting and accounting services market. The primary objective of the enterprise was to acquire the trust of its clients. During the next stage of development, we focused on increasing employment, developing our personnel and investing in modern IT systems supporting our business activity.

Throughout the next years the company dynamically expanded the scope of services rendered. With the employment of qualified personnel and owing to the experience acquired, we commenced rendering comprehensive services for business entities. We subsequently expanded our services to include legal and commercial consultancy, HR and payroll services, financial advisory services, and implementations of IT systems. This dynamic development compelled us to change the original organisational form of the Company. In later years we founded companies dedicated to individual areas of our activity.

Today, the Skłodowscy Tax Consulting Company is a brand which associates companies with a common objective in the form of rendering comprehensive services for entrepreneurs, in accordance with the slogan:
... you will never be alone in business.


This video was created in 2013, on the 20th anniversary of the company’s establishment. It features the owners of the company: Tadeusz Skłodowski, Dariusz Skłodowski and Eryk Skłodowski.

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