Optimisation of document circulation

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Every entrepreneur knows that time is money. That's why the Skłodowscy Tax Firm offers a comprehensive service to improve the flow of documents in the client's company.
The purpose of this service is to reduce the cost of managing accounting services in your company and streamlining processes related to the circulation of documents. By implementing a series of steps, we will help you to develop the most advantageous model of work organisation in order to reduce the cost of accounting services and increase client safety in regard to filing correct tax returns and making settlement.

We will minimise the risk of mistakes in accounting documents.

We will achieve this through:

- Conducting an audit of current accounting solutions.
- Verifying the correctness and effectiveness of the organisation of employees dealing with accounting.
- Creating the optimal model of cooperation between your company and our tax firm.
- Preparing and implementing an efficient and a fast way to transfer accounting reports and information about tax receivables.

Our work will result in the circulation of documents in your company being reduced to the necessary minimum, freeing up extra time that may be spent on performing other tasks associated with running your business.


Karolina Zielińska

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