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Book-keeping services

We know that running your own business is a major challenge and could be stressful.
When you should be focusing on the business, you spend time remembering about tax returns, declarations, reports, etc. That's why we offer accounting outsourcing and taking full responsibility for correct book-keeping and representing your business before state institutions and tax authorities.

The basic scope of our services includes:

- Maintaining account books.
- Keeping tax revenue and expense ledgers.
- Keeping records of VAT.
- Any official certificates, registrations or updates for tax purposes.
- Collect documents from clients “on demand” via our courier.

We also offer an additional range of services, such as:

- Determining the company’s creditworthiness, and preparation of loan applications.
- Preparation of economic analysis, forecasts and business plans.
- Tax optimisation.
- Accounting supervision (for companies not employing a chief accountant).
- Legal advice, assistance in setting up businesses, choice of legal form and form of accountancy.
- Providing up to date information about changes in the legal situation and explaining legal and tax issues.
- Consulted at your place of business.
- Establishment of new companies.

Tax Office, Statistical Office, and social insurance

- Preparation of individual income tax returns (PIT) for persons engaged in economic activity and employees, as well as calculation of social insurance contributions.
- Preparation of corporate income tax return CIT.
- preparation of statistical reports (GUS).
- Preparation of tax returns from goods and services tax, and VAT-EU transaction information.
- Representation of your company before relevant tax and financial authorities.


- Creating and updating accounting policies and the company's chart of accounts, along with basic accounting tools.
- Enabling efficient financial management of the entity.
- Maintaining an up to date record of business activity.
- Improving the accounting system of the business, in order to make full use of the information from the accounting system.
- Management reporting and transparent presentation of financial data of the entity, including for investors.
- Preparation of financial statements (balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements, together with additional information).
- Development of the company's internal reporting.

Inventory registering

- Keeping records of stock management.
- Production order settlement.

Fixed assets and investment registering

- Development of optimal investment plans.
- Maintaining depreciation tables.
- Keeping fixed asset books.
- Settlement of periodic investments. 


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