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Our team’s knowledge and experience allows us to provide services at the level expected by our customers.

We realise that it is not easy to lead a company and at the same time engage in employee issues, oversee all staff-related deadlines, and send declarations or applications. Therefore, we offer you an outsourcing service for conducting personnel and payroll issues.

Our team has many years of experience and practical knowledge of employment law, the Civil Code and social security, so we can adjust our offer to the needs and expectations of every entrepreneur.
We offer you payroll services covering issues such as social security, employment law, the Civil Code and the law on individual income tax, the Central Statistical Office, PFRON and the Employment Office.

Thanks to our expertise, we can provide a comprehensive personnel and payroll service in the following areas:

HR and payroll service for social insurance:

- Preparation and submission to the social insurance institution (ZUS) of settlement documents (forms ZUS DRA, ZUS RCA, ZUS RZA, ZUS RSA).
- Preparation of monthly reports for insured persons (ZUS RMUA).
- Preparation of payment documents related to settlements with the social insurance institution (ZUS).
- Preparation and submission to the social insurance institution (ZUS) of documentation regarding the payment of sickness insurance benefits (forms ZUS Z-3, Z-3A ZUS ZUS Np.-7), including:

  a) Request for payment of sickness benefit.
  b) Request for payment of maternity benefit.
  c) Request for payment of rehabilitation benefit.
  d) Preparation of certificates of employment and salary (form ZUS Rp-7).
  e) Preparation of applications for:
    - Establishment of initial capital (form Kp-1, Rp-6).
    - Pension (form ZUS Rp-1E, Rp-6).
    - Pension for incapacity for work (invalidity) (form ZUS Rp-1R).
    - Survivor's benefit (form ZUS Rp-2).
    - Retirement benefit (form ZUS Rp-26).

1. Preparation and submission of information to the social insurance institution (ZUS) on income of pensioners employed or engaged in non-agricultural activity.
2. Preparation and submission to ZUS of applications for a certificate of no arrears in payments of social security contributions (ZUS Form S-72b).
3. Preparation and submission to ZUS of applications for insurance (form ZUS E-22, E-22A, E-24).
4. Preparation and submission of annual information to ZUS for the purpose of determining premiums for accident insurance (ZUS IWA).
5. Conducting other correspondence with ZUS on matters relating to billing and notifications to the social security institution.

HR and payroll offer in the fields of employment law, the Civil Code and individual income tax law:
- Reporting workplace to the State Employment Inspectorate and the State Sanitary Inspectorate.
- Help in establishing policy in order to meet the demands of employment regulations, remuneration, social fund.
- Establishing and maintaining personal records in accordance with applicable regulations.
- Drafting employment contracts, addenda to contracts, employment certificates and other documents related to the establishment and considerations of the relationship between employer and employee.
- Keeping records of medical certificates (initial, periodic inspection).
- Keeping records of training on occupational health and safety (preliminary and permanent, periodic risk assessment in the workplace).
- Keeping records of annual leave (determination of entitlement to annual leave on the basis of available documentation relating to previous employment and education).
- Dealing with employee / contractor requests for certificates of earnings, preparing civil contracts (contracts of mandate, employment contracts, contracts for work including the transfer of copyright).
- Advice on correct billing for civil law agreements.
- Preparation of payroll and transfer to the customer via encrypted e-mail or in the traditional form (depending on agreement).
- Import salary transfers to bank directly from the payroll (on request).
- Preparation of salary transfers in on paper..
- Calculation of social insurance deductions.
- Transfer to the client via e-mail or on paper of payment documents relating to monthly liabilities to ZUS and the Tax Office.
- Prepare the annual information collected in regard to installment income tax PIT-4R, PIT-8AR, IFT-R.
- Preparation of annual information on income (PIT-11, PIT-40).
- Preparation of documents relating to tax card payments and preparation of the annual PIT-16A declaration.
- Enabling customers remote access to payroll data through a secure connection using VPN technology (on request).
- Cooperation in the framework of authorisation granted to the inspectorates of ZUS, PIP and the Employment Office.

HR and payroll offer in the fields of GUS, PFRON and the Employment Office:
- Preparation and submission of GUS statistical reports DG-1, Z-03, Z-05, Z-06, Z-10, Z-12, via the online reporting portal.
- Preparation of applications for organising internships through the Employment Office.
- Preparation of proposals for the organisation of unemployment prevention work through the Employment Office.
- Preparation of applications to the Employment Office for reimbursement of part of the costs incurred for salaries, awards and social security contributions for referred unemployed people within the framework of unemployment prevention work.
- Preparing and submitting monthly and annual DEK-I-0 and DEK-I-R statements to PFRON.
- Preparation of documents relating to the payment of monthly DEK-I-0 payments.
- Preparing and submitting to PFRON applications for the payment of monthly subsidies for the remuneration of employees with disabilities (Wn-d + Inf-o-PP + INF-D-P).
- Preparing and submitting to PFRON applications for reimbursement of social security contributions for disabled persons conducting economic activity.


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