Grants and loans

Knowledge and experience of our team allows us to provide services at a level expected by our customers.

We actively support our customers in the selection of sources of funding, and we care about the safety of their investments.
Through in-depth analysis of the needs of the company and cooperation with reputable banks and financial institutions we are able to choose the most optimal ways of financing any activity. 

We offer a comprehensive assistance in the broad sense of Financial Advisory
Mediation in obtaining financing current operations and investments from external sources - loans, leasing, factoring, as part of this service:

- We determine the demand for the company funds
- We present the best offer of financial institutions, including banks, with whom we have solid agreement on cooperation
- We will prepare a set of required documents (loan application and forecasts)
- We negotiate the most favorable financing conditions,
- Prepare grant applications, including full documentation required by banks and institutions possessing the means for EU subsidies.

Obtaining a grant from the Labour Office, we can help with:

- Preparing applications for funding under the activation programs of the unemployed - internships for unemployed graduates,
- The acquisition of the unemployed in the scope of intervention works,
- Recovering the costs incurred in the preparation of workers to practice in your company, and the costs of equipping new jobs or retrofitting existing ones.

Business Plans:

- We offer the possibility of preparing professional financial analysis in each range.

Ratio analysis activities for the needs of the Board, Owner and Controlling:

- We offer participating in the preparation of the internal management information - including ratio analysis business in terms of profitability, cash flow, liquidity, financing structure,
- We will help to develop a set of information necessary to conduct the current controlling financial company.

All of these actions will be undertaken under the proxy granted by You, while maintaining the highest standards of commercial confidentiality.



Karolina Więckowska



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